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What are Breedables?

An Introduction to Breedable Pets

Pairing and Breeding

All breedable pet games share one thing in common, and that's choosing a male and a female and pairing them together to produce offspring over time. Every breedable is different, some have 1:1 ratio pairing, others have 3 females to 1 male pairing. Kreatures are simple, and can only be bred 1:1.

Once your male is paired to the female, you need to be sure to have a food source for your breedables to eat from. Almost every company has some sort of food dish - you just place it on the ground near your pets and they will eat from it every so often.

Some breedables require a home to breed, but with Kreatures the home is optional. We wanted to make sure our breeders can get started easily and cheaply. Most of our breeders use homes because of the added functionality. Homes enable you to massively set activity levels, range they will stray, and more!

Health and Feeding

All breedables have one thing in common - food! Food costs money, and with Kreatures it's around L$195 to feed 1 Kreature for 4 Weeks. The price of food encourages a base price for every Kreature in the secondary market. Granted, we do not regulate the pricing in any way.

Kreatures will get sick if they miss 3 days worth of food (12 feedings). The simplest way to get them better is to start feeding them again! This is a 5-day healing process, but you can skip it via purchasing a Cure Sickness Potion. It's cheaper to feed them back to health, but instant if you go the potion route.

Kreatures will actually go up to their dish and munch on food when it is time for them to feast. The only exception to that is when you use Reserve Food, which is an invisible server-based food that Kreatures can consume from if there are no food sources in-world. Primarily created as a "backup food", most breeders use it as their primary source for simplicity.

Features and Functionality

Lots of breedables do one thing and one thing only, breed! But Kreatures offer so much more! Every Kreature is able to run-along-side you when attached to "Avatar Center", and the smallest Kreatures are able to turn into fun little shoulder pets. The largest Kreatures can be ridden around like a pony, and every Kreature is able to be held in your arms as you walk about.

In addition to the holdable options, all Kreatures will have an option for battling shortly after launch. We developed a battle arena that pits your 3 Kreatures against an opponents 3. We have a whole system of elemental typings that are weak/strong against other typings, and made it so bears are tankier and lions are high damaging, with wolves being somewhere in between. It's a super fun system that we're sure you'll love!

And don't worry, battling is completely optional. It's not required for breeding - and there will be plenty of residents that solely battle as well. It's just something fun to do with our pets, and tends to bring additional value to them.

Community Market

In Second Life, every object that is set to "Allow Transfer" is able to be exchanged between Residents. All Live Kreatures and Kreature Dens are set to be transfer - which means that thousands of Second Life residents participate in kreature offspring reselling.

Residents will show up at live in-world auctions, list their dens and live pets on the Web Market, and even cut deals with fellow patrons from time to time. Word on the street is that a Bid Boards Network is on the way as well...

Some residents prefer hopping around Kreatures Sponsor Sims, and just browsing / window shopping for their next pets. It doesn't matter which method you choose to acquire your Kreatures, just know that every purchase you make in the "secondary market" is safe and secure - so long as the Lives / Dens you are buying are created by "Kreatures Resident".

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