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Lore of Kreatures

Find out why they exist, and what they want with us!

Main Story

Have you ever seen an animal in the wild that didn't quite look right? A little too exotic to be in your neck of the woods? It was probably a Kreature. Humans have told the tales of Kreatures for centuries. Bears with blue stripes and eyes glowing green, or wolves with pink markings that clearly stood out. These stories seem quite far fetched, such critters cannot exist. Or can they?

It seems that they are quite scarce, but rare breeds of ursines, felines and canines do seem to exist. They are genetic flukes, but with the advent of modern day breeding - it's quite easy to pass on those desired features onto offspring.

Now you too can breed the most rarest of Kreatures!

The Bear Cubs

Often dwelling in caves even when not in hibernation, Bear Kreatures tend to be big and fluffy and oh so adorable. They walk along the ground but can also stand up on their hind legs if they feel the need to scare off a predator. They are also quite defensive in nature, able to take a hit or two and keep on going.

The Wolf Pups

Casually roaming the forest floors, Wolf Kreatures have long avoided human detection for the most part. Like all Kreatures, their eyes glow and their furs tend to be a little off when compared to the wolves seen in zoos, but they act like man's best friend all the same.

The Lion Cubs

Ever seen a lion in the woods? Probably not, right? They tend to stick in African savannas. Not these critters! They are often seen going toe to toe with Bears and Wolves fighting over terrain. They're never harmed though, all Kreatures are immortal and just tire out.


Kreatures naturally fight other species, even their own kind over territory and food. Humans observing their kind take advantage of this by battling them for sport. Keep in mind these are mythical immortal beings, and no one is harmed in the process of battling.

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