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Kreature FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kreatures come in the pre-order starter packs?

Bronze Packs come with a randomly selected Kreature (Bear, Wolf or Lion), and it'll be a randomly selected Gender.
Silver Packs come with a randomly selected matching pair of Kreatures (Either 2 Bears, 2 Wolves or 2 Lions) - 1 Male, 1 Female.
Gold Packs come with 2 Bears (1 Male, 1 Female), 2 Wolves (1 Male, 1 Female) and 2 Lions (1 Male, 1 Female).
Platinum Packs come with 4 Bears (2 Male, 2 Female), 4 Wolves (2 Male, 2 Female) and 4 Lions (2 Male, 2 Female).
Diamond Packs come with 8 Bears (4 Male, 4 Female), 8 Wolves (4 Male, 4 Female) and 8 Lions (4 Male, 4 Female).

When will I receive my Pre-Order(s)?

We plan on launching in the beginning of Q2 in 2021. We have no current plan on adjusting this date. As of right now, all things are going according to plan! In the event that we foresee a need to release it earlier or later, we'll keep everyone informed via the Kreatures Group in SL.

Why can't I login to the website?

The website is only for our in-house team members right now. We will allow people to test out the site during Private Beta.

Do Kreatures "cool-down" after they breed?

There is no "cool-down" period, it's simply every 5 days they should be able to breed when consuming food.

How much food does a Kreature consume daily?

Kreatures eat 4 times per day, so 4 Food Units.

Does the HUD cost extra?

100% Free! It's more-or-less required so we made sure to offer our advanced HUD completely free to all users.

Do Kreatures require Land to breed?

Absolutely they do. It's much easier for people to understand where a Kreature is and what it's doing if they can see it. Plus our Kreatures are low land impact. This is a Second Life Breedable Game, so we make sure everything is actually in Second Life. Requiring land to breed helps the secondary market, as it's another expense in the offspring value equation.

Do Starter Packs have 1:1 Male to Female ratios?

In the "1-Packs" you will receive a random gender, but the 2, 6, 12 and 24 packs (silver, gold, platinum and diamond) you'll receive equal Male to Female ratios.

What's the Web Market?

The "Web Market" is a free marketplace that lets players list their Kreatures for sale for all of the World to see. Users are able to search for the exact type of Kreature they wish to purchase, or be a bit broader on their results, and be able to quickly click an image of the Kreature for more info - or better yet hop on over in-world to see it via the Teleport Link at any time. If a user decides to purchase the Kreature, it will be unlisted instantly to avoid confusion for other potential buyers.

To list your Kreature on the Web Market, make sure you are wearing your HUD, and then click your Live Kreature or Kreature Den, go to "Edit" on your Kreatures HUD, and then press "Toggle Market", clicking "YES" again on the HUD to confirm. You can remove it from Web Market by repeating these steps.
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