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Breedable Pets on Second Life - Kreatures™

Brought to you by the Creators of Fennux & Fawns Breedables

3 Breedables in 1

Lion Cubs, Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs!

Advanced Battle System

Not like Fennux/Fawns Dueling, this will be the real deal!

Coats, Eyes, Tails, Ears, Hair, etc.

Unique coats - vibrant eyes - tail, ear and hair traits - many sizes and so much more!

Like the coat on a Wolf, but want it on a Bear? Pair them together for a rare chance at passing the coat onto the desired kreature!

Kreatures News

Halloween Shop n Hop
(8:45 am on October 1, 2021)

Firestorm Anniversary LEs
(5:33 pm on September 30, 2021)

Free Fennux Gold Pack
(10:40 pm on September 13, 2021)

Pre-Orders Have Ended
(7:08 am on August 1, 2021)

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Shop For Your Kreatures Each starter pack includes everything you need to get started! You'll find a Home (2 in the Platinum, 3 in the Diamond), 1 Week of Food for all of the Kreatures inside, as well as 1, 2, 6, 12 or 24 Kreature Dens. There are 3 possible coats per species to get from the packs.

Some coats only start out on a Wolf, Bear or Lion. However, if you try pairing a Wolf with a Bear, a Lion with a Wolf or a Bear with a Lion - you'll have the chance to pass coats across species. This means that every breedable coat you see within the world of Kreatures can be on any of our 3 Kreatures.

Kreatures are only 11-12 Land Impact, no matter the size. You can also attach multiple Kreatures to your avatar at the same time, leading to some fun combinations as you roam about SL. Smaller Kreatures will be able to be attached in different ways than the larger ones. You can ride around the biggest, carry around the smallest, etc.

Get your starter packs soon at The Kreatures Breedables Region! (We expect to launch very soon!)


Frequent Limited Edition Releases
Like with our other breedables, Fennux and Fawns - we'll be releasing a Limited Edition (LE) Kreature every 1-3 months! We plan to release the same new design across all 3 Kreatures each time.

Breedable Population Management
We offer many opportunities to help reduce the populations of our kreatures, including a rewards system for turning offspring into points, limited edition coats, etc. (To help the secondary market.)

Easy to Learn, Linear Coat Tier System
Each of our Kreatures has a tier system (T1, T2, T3, etc.) that is easy to follow. After certain prerequisites are met, the chance for upgradation to the next tier is possible.
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